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Nady’s pizza, burgers and kebabs

is a fast food restaurant at 1905 Dandenong Road, Clayton in Melbourne. A place that is bound to bring you joy and happiness with your loved ones. We at Nady’s have worked over to ensure that our menu list is as inclusive as possible. We are a team that provides the best in whatever we do; the quality of our ingredients is top-notch and fresh. We use succulent meat and fillets, and the great taste comes from the secret sauces that set our product apart. Our Chefs is responsible for all the goodness served to our lovely clients. They have been fantastic chefs and have experience over eight years in Gourment Italian cuisines. Our chefs are passionate about cooking, puts creativity into each dish. In short, our exciting menu has something savouring for everyone. We offer plenty of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to ensure that everyone is catered for.

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Exquisite Fine Dining Experience

Got a special occasion and looking for someplace for a celebration? Or perhaps you want to treat yourself or your cherished ones to an enjoyable dining experience? Whatever may be your reason, the joy of savouring a fine meal at a Nady’sis exquisite. Dive into Nady’s dining experience with thoughtfully curated menus.

Love at First Bite

When it is a burger kind of day, you can go past our old-fashioned burgers; all created from homemade beef and pork patties and are well-seasoned. There is a Chicken and Veggie burger option available too.

The delicacy, tenderness and juiciness would be inevitable with every bite. Trust us; it just gets better and better with every bite.

A Must For Crust

Our pizzas start with our pizza dough and handmade sauces, made fresh every day and topped with delicious fresh native ingredients.

Sizzling Kebabs

Our kebabs are made from quality handpicked ingredients with secret sauces. Traditional Lamb, Chicken, Mixed kebabs and Falafel (Vegetarian) are available with all of your favourite salads and sauces!

Free Wifi

Nady’s is a great place to relax, have some time to yourself, and enjoy hot and tastier food. Now with high-speed wireless internet available, your experience can be that much better.

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1 large traditonal + 1 garlic bread + 1.25L drink

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2 large traditonal + 1 garlic bread + 1.25L drink

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3 large traditonal + 1 garlic bread + 1.25L drink

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4 large traditonal + 1 garlic bread + 1.25L drink

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1 family traditonal + 1 garlic bread + 1.25L drink

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2 family traditonal + 1 garlic bread + 1.25L drink

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